What makes the world of human being, where they find themselves and feel right? How much is the relation between inside and outside world the bond or the bridge?

The places in the photographs are closely connected with the personalities hidden in them. These are people from my home town Opava - almost artists, obsessive hobby keepers, or cultural employees. All of them have something in common. They are dedicated, in the long term, and with passion in their heart, to the activities that do not seem to be ultimately rewarding but which somehow keep them going and bound at the same time. 

The basis of this home-but-prison is described by "place", where they find themselves and which helps them specify their own place in the world. In here, the people form their personalities. The worlds they have discovered offer a port, an asylum for their creativity, contemplation, self-fulfillment. 

The camera explores this relationship between the literal and metaphorical environment. It focuses on the background which becomes the defining element of the picture about the person who inhabits it. The person who exists as a coherent part of his place which possesses him and which is a subject of his intellectual, emotional and existential background. 



Dave / Psychedelic painter